Data Requirements

InsulFab can design your custom fixture from any of the Electronic PCB sources below:

Note: When sending your data to InsulFab, please zip it inot a format compatible with WinZip and label the file with the part number of the circuit board.

  • Valor - .tgz
  • ODB++ - The standard for high-level data exchange
  • AutoCAD files - .dwg
  • Drawing Exchange Format - .dxf
  • Hewlett Packard Graphics Language - .HPGL
  • CAD: ASCII Data - Electronic Design Automation or EDA
  • Gerber Data (We us Cam 350 - PCgerber)

Below are eight files needed to design your fixture from Gerber data:

  1. Topside Silkscreen
  2. Bottom Silkscreen
  3. Topside Solderpaste
  4. Bottom Solderpaste
  5. Topside Soldermask
  6. Bottom Soldermask
  7. Assembly or Fabrication File: The fabrication or panel drawing shows the panel layout and PCB dimensions and thickness
  8. Drill File: Chart of all drilled hole sizes in the PCB

Aperture List: If at all possible, provide the data in an RS274-X format. This form of data has an Embedded Aperture file. If you need to send your Gerber as RS274-D format you must include the Aperture file.

Other Requirements

  • Height of tallest component on the bottom side of the PCB
  • Height of components requiring hold-downs
  • Size and location of hardware, if present
  • Identify any components, which overhang the board, and whether they are flush to the top of the PCB or under-hand the top to a certain depth.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified (SC Location) and ITAR Certified